Being a Pre-PA student means you’re attempting to gain admission into a Physician Assistant program. The Pre-PA cycle involves completing required coursework, volunteering or shadowing, gaining patient care experience, applying to schools via CASPA, and successfully interviewing at PA schools. Once you’re accepted to a PA school, you move onto the didactic year of your PA education.

Below are our articles about the Pre-PA cycle.


The Courses PA Schools WANT (Overview)
Getting into PA School with a Low GPA
Best way to get Patient Care Experience for PA school?
How much Healthcare Experience is enough?
What HCE counts for PA School?
Withdrawals and Failed courses in Undergrad
Can I apply to PA school with outstanding prerequisites?
Double Majors and PA school
Community College and PA school
Should I Start PA School Right After Undergrad?
PA Shadowing Guide – Find Shadowing Experiences & Best Practices
3+2 PA Programs (Overview)


Understanding CASPA – The Basics
How many PA programs should you apply to?
How to decide which programs you should apply for?
Tips for writing your PA school personal statement
How to get Great Letters of Recommendation
Understanding the GRE and PA School


The Costs Associated With Applying to PA School
The Anatomy of a PA School interview
Common PA School interview questions
Tips and tricks to ACE your PA school interview
Questions you should address during your PA school Interviews
Appropriate dress for PA school interviews
Should you bring family on your interviews?


Received acceptance from a PA School?
My PA Program is on Probationary Status – Advice?

I’m on the waitlist! What now?
Accepted! What to do in the Months Before PA School Starts?


What is a Physician Assistant
Physician Assistant Lateral Mobility Explained
PA versus NP
PA versus MD / DO
Cheap or Expensive PA School
How to pay for PA School
Is PA school a financially wise decision?
How much do Physician Assistants Make?

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